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Which is best value for money surf skate on the market ?

Which is the best deal available on any surf skate out there ?

Depending on where are you in the world, your choice could vary because the offer is not the same around the world ! For example, If you live in Australia, you might prefer Buying a SMOOTHSTAR surf skate … and if you live in Brazil you might prefer buying a MORMAII Surfskate.

I found it on for the price of 90$ this is probably the best bargain in the world for a real awesome surf-skate.


If you live in Europe,close to the USA, it could also be really affordable to you comparing to the original price or a CARVER SURF SKATE which is officially more than 250 US$ (and at least 259€) … depending on your own country customs Policy respecting to shipped from the USA.

I have been impressed by the Board Myself when riding it in France for the first time last week ! The shape is nice and versatile.

For the riders, like me who know well the original CARVER SURF SKATES : The feeling of the ATOM SURF SKATE 36 is just between the 34 GREENROOM and the 36 VENICE in the CARVER Surf Skate range …the 2 most progressive boards in the range. The 2 boards I usually recommend for anyone !

  • But there is no manual custom setting available on the ATOM TRUCK

Contrary to the CARVER Truck wich is fully customisable depending on the weight and the power of the rider … The Atom Surf Skate Truck is also a bit less SMOOTH to ride than the original CARVER Truck due to the size of its Arm Compared with the CARVER one … I’ll talk about that in my next article.

Yet, the ATOM SURF SKATE 36 is more than enough as a first board to get into Surf Skating due to its good build quality and awesome Value for Money.

I’ve personally tried ATOM skateboards before and this is all good quality products … the price of this Surf Skate is just awesome. For the readers who have also viewed my former article : about the Full Review of Surf Skating around the world

  • As a comparison the ATOM surf skate is very similar to the MORMAII and the LOST surf skates Trucks

it probably comes from the Newave Surf Skate Truck design and production chains. More news coming soon … before that I’m proud to announce one new feature of : My shoping advices on and amazon europe with the best deals and the best products I could find for you.

Then, I hope that my personal selection on Amazon in the USA, the UK and France … will help you in the future : thank you for your support !

Conclusion : Should you buy the ATOM SURF SKATE 36 ?

PROS : Awesome … almost incredible value for money both in $ … and almost more in £ or € including the shipping costs from US.

CONS : No Replacement & Spare parts (compared to the Original CARVER SUFSKATES)

CONS : Only 1 board shape available for the ATOM (contrary to more than 25 shapes in the carver Range)

My advice is definitely : Yes just go for  it, This Board worth 100% of it’s 99$ shipped !

  • even if you get it for 50$ shipping costs … It would still worth it 100% !!!

I imagine that the price of this board will raise up as the product is becoming more and more known in the next month … as well as the CARVER SUF SKATES during the last 5 years 🙂 !

Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards.

Olivier Railey

PS : it’s always awesome to receive  feedback and comment from anywhere in the world … my CONTACT page is now activated !


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