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Quick Bio : My passion for BoardRiding

ALOHA  :  thank you for visiting my Rider’s profile page.

Two kiteboarders at the beach !Here is the short story of  what I call  ” The Railey expérience”  :  My personal experience in riding Boards.

Olivier-Railey-SLINGSHOT-Wakeboard-cable-park-wake-avatarMy name Is Olivier F. aka Railey … I live and ride in South of France (Home spots : Almanarre, Beauduc, Montpellier). If you want to know anything about the spots in France contact me by unig the CONTACT page.

I’ve been Kiteboarding since 2006, wakeboarding for more than 10 years, skateboarding for as long as I can remember. Dedicated and Addicted BoardRider, I’m training at the moment to perform freestyle Kiteboarding and Wakestyle Power moves, as well as strapless kitesurfing.

I’m an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) kite instructor Level 2 since 2011. I’m training practising Wake Cable park, S.U.P, Slack Line, Land Paddle, & Skateboarding.

I share my passion for riding producing videos with friends. I aim to continue my evolution in kiteboarding and wake boarding and improve my skills in Freestyle and WaveRiding.

  • Discovering SK8 and Wake boards :

Olivier-Railey-tona-wakeskate-driftwoodI began my experience in riding boards more than 20 years ago … even before being teenager, with riding a cheap skateboard. The first good ranks that I got in school … and the first teenager student work I did … that was for getting to my local surfshop and just buy  new boards.

After experiencing a whole bunch of different Skateboards and Longboards, I began Wakeboarding … at the age of 13 … I never had the chance to get supported, pushed and trained to do competitions and become Pro. But anyway, I’m still a Dedicated passionated amateur rider 🙂

  • First experience with kiteboarding :


In my 20’s, more than 10 years ago (too late to become pro again … too bad !!! LoL) I began Kitesurfing. Kitesufing is awesome, because it is giving you the awesome thrills you get on the water when you wakeboard … but with an incredible feeling of freedom !

The only point is that you’ve got to chase the wind 🙂 Here are some of the gear I’ve been packing and unpacking during all these years. Everywhere I go. (Except my surfboards and skateboards)

I like action sports and watersports because It’s fun, but it also requires staying in shape and ready for action. It requires staying focus .. But and sharing really powerful emotions with friends is so rewarding, as a human experience !

  • More than a matter of gear : this is a real Board-Riding way of life

Today, my home is a bit like a TEST Center : Kiteboards, Wakeboards, Skateboardss, Stand Up Paddle, are part of my everiday life …It’s awesome to see that these sports condition your way of life. Your Agenda, your friends, your activities, you home, your car … and anything else. That’s what I love about it ! By the way, over the years I’ve always been interested as well in fitness / and physical training, also by nutrition.

Back in the days, one of my coach and mentor told me once : You are what you Eat and you become what you THINK … Reaching my 30’s y.o. soon, I can tel I am seriosly beginning to feeling it, inside my body : Damn, he was true !


Now it’s time to go riding some boards.

Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards !

Thanks for reading and sharing this page. Ride SAFE and feel free to drop a comment down there

Olivier Railey

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