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Carpervans For Surfers

If you’re looking for info about campervans for surfers …It seems like you’ve got to go to the UK to buy one ! LoL. Anyways, I’m preparing a full review of the best solutions world wide at all prices.

  • Campervans reviews and options :

To begin with : here are a review of top of the class campervans and motorhomes solutions … all First class … just for inspiration (because they are priceless) for most of us. But it’s always good to get inspiration about things we like !!!

Before that, you can check this nice video link below : a second video about making your own campervan … a far cheaper solution. But you’ll have to know how to use your hands !

Anyways, I’ll write more about it soon. Stay Tuned.

PS : This article is still under construction, not officially published yet.

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Watch and enjoy, please feel free to comment, and add some ideas or links below !
Olivier Railey

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