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The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?

Surf-skating or Street Surfing is the fusion of the best of the best of Surf and Skateboarding.

On the one hand, we find the fluid movements of surfing with their particular tempo and surfing motion movements, and secondly, the great advantage of being able to practice in any urban space and any day of the year : 365 days of Surfing  every year !

For decades the surfer’s community has had as a chimera not to depend on the sea and ocean weather forecast to enjoy their favourite sport anytime, anywhere. This philosophy of life, so close to the WEATHER, has been reserved to a limited part of surfers who have created the opportunities to go chasing and searching waves all years long.

Today, companies like Carver Skateboards, have worked on a specific innovative integrated motion Skateboarding Truck that simulate the movement of the surfboard in the sea.

By designing such a perfect tool, the Surfing industry have managed to break one of the most troublesome barriers of surf: depending on the weather conditions !

Carver Skateboards : The new paradigm of surf training by Surfing the Streats !

Firstly, make sure you check my own article about choosing a carver skateboard matching your rider’s profile. Than : You’ll find the link below to a nice presentation about Carver surf skates.

Carver Skateboard is great out-of-water surf training tool thanks to front swivel truck design. The carver skate following article is an awesome intrro tu surf skating :

CARVER-SKATE-SURFING-TRAINING-TOOLWishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards.

Olivier Railey

PS : it’s always awesome to receive  feedback and comment from anywhere in the world … : stay tuned !


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