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Category Archives for "My Partners & Sponsors"

This space is dedicated to thank my different partners. I post informations about Brands, Business, Shops, Traveling Agencies, video makers, artists and Photographers who help me in my work and passions. I post info about Surf shops frands and surf surf shapers. I’ll put news about Action sports Traveling Agencies. I promote action sports Photographers I meet.
This space is dedicated to share my sessions with everyone ! I will post more pictures and videos of Kiteboarders, Wakeboarders, Land Paddling, Stand Up Paddling, Skateboarders soon.

The full review of Surf Skating boards around the world !

Are you already keen on street surfing or just getting curious aout it ? Depending on where you are around the world you will have to choose one of these Surf Skates Brand’s board. I’m a dedicated rider myself, I have build for you a  list of some most progressive and innovative brands in streetsurfing […]

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