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Category Archives for "Sport Training, Nutrition & Fitness For Extreme Sports"

This space is dedicated to share what I know about training for action sports with everyone ! I will post more reviexw, methods and focus on How to train good to be able to avoid injuries in extreme sports. Manly the ones I know the best : Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Land Paddling, Stand Up Paddling and Skateboarding.

Land Paddling : How to Stand Up Paddle and Surf Skate YOUR streets ?

Firstly, make sure you check my own article about The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?. Than : You’ll find at the bottom of that page an Original and full presentation ot Land Paddling by ont of the legends of HAWAIAN Surfing !  What is Land […]

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 SUP “is” Fitness, by itself, then … ROXY just LAUNCHED AN AWESOME event TOUR around the world ! Run, Sup & Yoga … our French Team Mate Awesome Wonder Woman Girls have done Exciting and Exercising invitation : Participating to the MARSEILLE SOSH FREESTYLE CUP : #RUNSUPYOGASUP … one of the stop in South Of […]

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Grabs in Board Riding adding : The « Grab-ology »

Both kiteboard, wakeboard, snowboard, surf and skate tricks are named in the same way … this is all about style and freestyle references in any boardsport maneuvers. I will focus in this review on the most stylish grabs common to these sports. For instance : all grabs with two hands grabbing the boards simultaneously are just […]

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The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?

Surf-skating or Street Surfing is the fusion of the best of the best of Surf and Skateboarding. On the one hand, we find the fluid movements of surfing with their particular tempo and surfing motion movements, and secondly, the great advantage of being able to practice in any urban space and any day of the […]

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