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Sometimes, there is just something huge and amazing that happens  just in front of your door … This morning I woke up and I just realised that the FISE WORLD begins in my city in 19 Days : The countdown is already counting the minutes to it. Are you going to be part of the FISE 2014 professional competition with us ???

Check this out 🙂

  • The FISE WORLD 2014 is preparing  in Montpellier : I can’t Wait !!!

To begin with let’s put a highlight on the awesome  FISE WORLD SERIES 2014 teaser.


In the former video you can clearly see are the best of the Wakeboarding FISE WORLD Actions in Video, … well the images dates back to 2012.

The 2012 Pro PRO WAKE COMETITION: 1- Raph Derome 2- Keith Lidberg 3- Shane Bonifay

Unfortunately, there is no full event Wakeboarding Competition video highlighting for the 2013 FISE World series. Waiting for the first 2014 FISE Wake Slope-style images to come, we can only review the Finals 2013 Video.


This is the FINALS Highlight  movie with some of the best wake-boarders in the world competing for the FISE World Champ title  in Montpelier.

These FINALS were very special for all the wakeboarders because DANIEL GRANT crashed one of these Air Kicker rotation … something that this rider never do. But Dominik Herlder took the 1st place after that !!!

And finally, the results for the PRO WAKE COMETITION : 1.    HERNLER Dominik    22    2.    GRANT Daniel    16     3.    VON LERCHENFELD Nico    21 ans
4.    WINDSOR James    18 ans    5.    GUNN Aaron    18 ans    6.    LANGFIELD Mitch    22 ans    7.    O’SHEA Chris    28 ans    8.    BONIFAY Shane    30 ans

Watch and enjoy, please feel free to comment, and add some ideas or links below !
More info coming soon. Stay tuned, cheers.

FISE-2014-WAKEBOARDING-BMX-SKATEBOARDING-EXTREMEWishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards!
Olivier Railey

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