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Kiteboarding Freeride Wakestyle with the UK Crew By Tom Court : From 2012 to 2016 Kiteboarding Adventures

After some several posts, I thought it was time to get into serious things. As I’m not a professional, I think it’s important to brings up here the guys that are rocking !!!

  • The Freeride Project #1 : 2012

The firs opus of the UK Crew Adventure !

  • The Freeride Project #2 : 2014

The 2015 opus of the UK Crew Adventures !

Stay Tuned with the 2015 #FREERIDEPROJECT video under construction

  • The Freeride Project #3 : 2016

The last opus of the more personal Tom Court 2015-2016 Shots  Crew Adventures !



Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards!
Olivier Railey

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