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Garmin VIRB ULTRA 30 Full Review TEST

Hi Riders All Around the World, unboxing my latest Garmin Virb Action Cam : VIRB 360 and GARMIN VIRB ULTRA 30.

I decided to add more youtube content so that I can improve connection between action and writing on Thats why I just published a full review on Garmin VIRB ultra 30 unboxing and Garmin Virb 360 in 3 languages.

I did my best to publish spanish, french and english videos. I hope you appreciate.

In the Youtube garmin virb series you’ll be able to see my las publications mentionning little flags where explanations + languages talks, like so : ” 🇺🇸Unboxing Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 ACTION CAM with G-METRIX y VIRB App US/GB Speaking

Video Summary : Garmin VIRB ULTRA 30 with its waterproof case (up To 40m).
When it comes to Riding Sports and Fitness Way of life, A Balance has to be found between FITNESS TRAINING, RIDING, NUTRITION and HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Garmin VIRB ULTRA 30 with its waterproof case (up To 40m).
Acces to GARMIN G-METRIX (Speed, Track Position, Grade, Rotations, Altitude, HangTime …) with in built sync for Additional connection with some GARMIN Remote and/Or Sensors (Watch + Other types). `
LCD Touchscreen, and Wide Angle 170° Lens including a Image Stabilisation Up To 1440P.
English Only Voice Control and High-Sensitvity Microphone usable for Live Streaming.
WiFi connection to GARMIN VIRB Google play + GARMIN VIRB App Store smartphone and tab App.
Bluetooth connection to Non-Garmin external microphones.
One 1250mAh LI-Ion Battery, 3.6V, 4.5Wh Charging/Data cable, FLat/Curved adhesive LOCK GARMIN VIRB mounts, standard and vertical mounts adapters, shorts and long screws, shorts and long extension arms.
Anti Fog Kit.
Documentation Garmin and verb sticker.
See for compatibility.

ATTENTION : MicroSD card not included.

More about Garmin VIRB Battery :

One rechargeable GARMIN VIRB 1250mAh LI-Ion Battery, 3.6V, 4.5Wh.
Rechargeable battery includes a risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect Non-GARMIN One.
To prevent burns fire and explosions or injury do not put into fire or exposed to prolonged temperatures above 60°
Do not short circuit, manipulates crash or attempt to dissemble.
The use of non-GARMIN cables and chargers could result in fire, burns, property damages, and/or injury only use cables and external chargers approved by GARMIN for your product GARMIN VIRB.

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