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 GIRL POWER RULES in KITEBOARDING too : we all like it … and respect it so much !

Colleen-Carroll-Dominique-Granger-Paula-Rosales-Like-OhKiteboarder Girls are not only so pretty sitting and laying on a beach in bikinis … they also ride hard, they train to stomp hard, … and they are not afraid to crash hard.

These girls are more powerful and really smoother that most of the boys out there … they are also making  kiteboarding moves  looking better most of the times

Big Up to all these Sexy Kite Girls : they all show us what GIRL POWER is all about in board riding !


Cynthia Brown

Therese Taabbel

Hannah Whiteley

Bruna Kajiya

Colleen Carroll, Dominique Granger, Paula Rosales

karolina winkowska

Manuela Jungo

Malin Amle

Lindsay McClure

Delphine Macaire

Nanette van der Snoek

Gisela Pulido

Kattie Potter (Australia)

Annabel van Westerop, Bruna Kajiya and Manuela Jungo

Victoria Soloveykina

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