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Which Carver Surf Board matches your Rider’s profile ?

Have you ever felt by yourself the awesome Feeling of a Carver Surf Skate ?

The first time that you’ve heard something about Surf Skates, you‘ve probably thought  : ok then … yes … just another random hybrid skateboard … between a cruiser and a longboard. At that moment one of your CARVER addict mate let you ride his surf skate or showed you the latest video of the Carver Team Riders ripping the streets worldwide.

I’ve been riding Carver skateboards for more than 2 years now. I’ve tested 10+ board. With my background of skateboarder and longboarder, I’m giving you the Tips and Tricks advices pick up the perfect Carver board. After reading these lines, I’m sure you’ll enjoy every session you’ll go out on you Carver Board …  because you’ll know How to get THE PERFECT ONE !

CARVER Surf skates Provide such a special feeling ! Skaters and Longboarders are enjoying the pleasure of Urban skating with new sensations completely new.
Snowboarders compare the feeling to a beautiful curve in Fresh “Pow-Pow” snow. Surfers can feel, on a concrete ground the unique sensations of a bottom turn full charged.
Kitesurfers and wakeboarders can enjoy the unique carving sensations that their freestyle boards provide.

The CARVER rage is over 20 SURF SKATES : How will you choose your ideal Carver Board ?

If you come in france : come to see French local shop located in South of France : the MOANASHOP (15 min away from Montpellier City). They’ll let you test the latest Carver Surf Skates. You’ll enjoy, the best advices from the Moanashop Team riders. In addition to the design only , some technical shapes criterias are very important to take into account to be sure to choose the best Carver ever.


Are you already a radical Surfer, or a big fan of old school Urban Cruisers ?

The Magic Truck C7 allows you to feel surfing on the asphalt . You will keep the smile waiting for riding the sea. You’ll experience the feeling you get practising your Bottom, Cut Back and Rollers Surfing a Shortboard … but on your local roads, sidewalks and skate parks ... the Urban playground will become you new Secret Spot!

These are urban skate SURF Cruisers are supercharged by CARVER wheels and bearings, providing  awesome “pumping” abilities with the CARVER TRUCK C7. Watch out the following decks : CARVER 2014

29 SWALLOW, 30 USA BOOSTER, 31.75 KERRLAGE with its awesome decoration … and of course 31 RESIN .

Largest decks as 29.7 SERAPE , 30 USA BOOSTER, and 33 FRAKTAL accelerate quicer. They are radical and tolerant dedicated for the most committed style … the width of these decks will allow you perform the most daring air moves.

Are you a fan of Longboards, Long lasting and Large distance Cruising ?

Just Choose the 42 HOTDOGGER or the classic 36 VENICE .

These boards are shaped in the spirit of longboards. Perfect for beginners but also for very powerful and riders . You will quickly generate a high speed cruising. If you are a longboarder you’ll discover the magic of Carver Turns and maneuvrability. To ride faster in any situation, we advise you to get on your board the new 75mm CARVER ROUNDHOUSE Aqua . Much more than simple longboard wheels the 75mm’s are engeneered by CARVER to generate the perfect control / speed ratio.

Finally a longboard as a handy Mini Cruiser and comfortable as a Longboard ! Super stable , these boards are goint to delight fans of Land Paddling downhill and downhill .

If you love long walks , the stick of land paddle will also be key upgrade. A Land Paddling tool will help you converting your longboard into a  real Fitness machine.

CARVER-SURF-SKATE-veniceL-ACTIONAre you already a skilled bowl / street skateboarder or a crazy slopestyle snowboarder ?

Looking for Carver to go and rock your local bowl Bowl, ripping big Aérials , Gaps and Hand Plants ?

Go straight for the Carvers shaped with kick-NOSE  as the new  33 FRAKTAL.

This board is also excellent to introduce begginers to Carver Skates moves because they will get more feeling and balance under their front foot on a kick-Nose board, rather than on a  short nose board with nose cut short. The 36 VENICE PINTAIL will also be a great cruising ability . Very tolerance , this board will delight riders up by its ease and is also suitable for big guys wanting to keep a wide stance riding a CARVER Surf skate.

Here is a Carver video with a special board : LOLA which is actually the exact same shape of the famous 36 VENICE PINTAIL .

Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards.

Olivier Railey

PS : it’s always awesome to receive  feedback and comment from anywhere in the world … thank you to all my readers : stay tuned !


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