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Zeeko Kites : How to Foil Kiteboarding ?

ZEEKO Kiteboarding Boss Himself demonstrating How to Kite Hydro-Foil on his Makaira : Enjoy !

French developpers like Nicolas CAUILLOU have recently developped the first « stock » Foils, available in the world designed specifically for kiteboarding.


The Foil eliminates the effects of choppy or rough conditions. Due to the Foil‘s underwater characteristics, the rider can angle higher into the wind than on traditional kiteboards which ride on the surface of the water …

Some of the most iconic professional waterman’s have been accomplished incredible sessions on their Foils : Laid HAMILTON, Mango CARAFINO … in HAWAI.

Here in South of France we have got : Nicolas CAILLOU ripping the Mediterranean legendary choppy waters !

Zeeko Kiteboarding is born under the leadership of Nicolas Caillou. Nicolas, was a pioneed in the kiteboarding industry, involved in  WIPIKA Kiteboarding development and TAKOON kiteboarding R&D Team.

From the late 2007 he already wanted to put all his experience in kiteboarding designs and decided to create his own brand ZEEKO KITES. Zeeko was one of the first brand to create some standards in kite designs introducing his NOTUS Kite … and developping the ZEEKO MAKAIRA KITE FOIL Later !

I already had the chance to meet Hervé in his playground in Mediterranean Secret spots … and just go riding with ZEEKO Kites C.E.O. … is just an amazing privilege !

  • But seeing  the boss in action with the last one … ZEEKO Kites Makaira kiteboarding foil was just incredible !
  • Freeriding with the last Makaira Foil Setup By Zeeko Kiteboarding with Phd Nicolas CAILLOU himself :

Staring at Zeeko in action … I have never seen someone so much smooth and accurate … It’s hard to beleave that guy works in a Kiteboarding HQ all day long 🙂

Having the opportunity to take lessons from : Zeeko Kites boss  himself while being on the water was  just …. pfffff !

Last But not least : here is the last ZEEKO Kiteboarding video Edit on the last ZEEKO MAKAIRA Foil series ….

The Zeeko Makaira foil has been fully tested and approved  by Nicolas Caillou : one of the first foil ever designed 100% fully powered by a kite.

Thank you for reading : latest news on … Feel Free to Comment, Share and Like this article on my page oliv.railey !

Wishing you Happiness, Fun, Peace, Waves, Winds and nice sessions !

Cheers from South of France.



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