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I’ve been boardriging ever since I can remember.

My Only Goal is to share my passion with all of other riders all over the world !


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Weight & Height : chose your CARVER Surf-Skate !

How to choose a Carver Skateboards considering the rider's height and weight ? In this review, we want to advise you on what is our experience of the needs of each of the models Carver Skateboards, you have to consider when purchasing one. The CARVER Skateboards for Young Guns : Rookies Surfers (up to 15 y.0.) For the little ones, who have not yet developed enou [...]

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Land Paddling : How to Stand Up Paddle and Surf Skate YOUR streets ?

Firstly, make sure you check my own article about The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?. Than : You'll find at the bottom of that page an Original and full presentation ot Land Paddling by ont of the legends of HAWAIAN Surfing ! [...]

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Ruben Lenten was born in Noordwijk, Netherlands, in 1988. He started kiteboarding at the age of 12 and rapidly stood out in professional competitions. Lately, he shifted his focus to extreme riding and nearly impossible kite acrobatics. "Len10" is the founder of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge. Ruben Lenten, the famous PRO Kiteboarder rider : creator of the  Red Bull King of [...]

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In 1989 the Robert Zemeckis' Movie : Back to the Future "was all a dream generation. An object will remain forever associated with this success cinematography : the mythical flying skateboard renamed "hoverboard". 26 Years later Lexus luxury car division of Japanese automaker Toyota, claimed to have created a working prototype of "hoverboard" levitating board that slides like t [...]

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Kitesurfing Wakestyle Board Andre Philip Dr DRE Vs Aaron Hadlow

Even Kiteboarding specific gear suffer ... when riding kites with boots, and hitting kicker and sliders. Kiteboarding with wakeboard bindinds requires the strongest Boards Ever. These two boards were designed by the 5x World Champion some years ago : The Aaron Hadlow Range was produced By Flexifoil from 2011 to 2013 ! I bought the Boards straing away after their availability [...]

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Which is best value for money surf skate on the market ?

Which is the best deal available on any surf skate out there ? Depending on where are you in the world, your choice could vary because the offer is not the same around the world ! For example, If you live in Australia, you might prefer Buying a SMOOTHSTAR surf skate ... and if you live in Brazil you might prefer buying a MORMAII Surfskate. At the moment, the best barga [...]

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Zeeko Kites : How to Foil Kiteboarding ?

ZEEKO Kiteboarding Boss Himself demonstrating How to Kite Hydro-Foil on his Makaira : Enjoy ! French developpers like Nicolas CAUILLOU have recently developped the first « stock » Foils, available in the world designed specifically for kiteboarding. UPWIND and CRUIZING ABILITIES OF KITE FOILS ARE TREMENDOUS !!! The Foil eliminates the effects of choppy or rough condi [...]

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Which Carver Surf Board matches your Rider’s profile ?

Have you ever felt by yourself the awesome Feeling of a Carver Surf Skate ? The first time that you've heard something about Surf Skates, you've probably thought  :  "ok then ... yes ... just another random hybrid skateboard ... between a cruiser and a longboard". At that moment one of your CARVER addict mate let you ride his surf skate or showed you the latest video of the [...]

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