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San Francisco Kite Foil Gold Cup BATTLE : French V.S. US Riders in California !

The 3rd stop of the IKA KITEBOARDING KiteFoil 2015 Gold Cup was organised under the famous San Francisco Bridge kiteboarding spot !

The San Francisco Bridge Bay kiteboarding spot  is more and more known around the world thanks to a lot of recents photoshooting and videos. This event highlight the AC72 the America’s Cup competition : an ideal place to make the best foil rider compete for the title.

As the third stop of the Kite Foil Gold Cup World tour, this international regatta features 73 of the world’s fastest kiteboarding foil racers in the world. From July 30 to August 2, competitors have raced in San Francisco :

Two days of qualifiers followed by two days of finals. Races launched from Crissy Field and raced along City Front, in twice-around windward/leeward races.

This spot is very technical with strong winds (30-35 knots), a very choppy water level and current which often cavitate the foils !

 KiteFoil World Cup : The 2 Young UNSTOPPABLES !

At this moment of the competition TWO young french riders already dominates the 2015 Competition : Maxime Nocher (winner of the italian edition) and Nicolas Parlier (winner of the Mexican stop of the world tour).

These two riders are leading the overall standings. However, the San Francisco Bridge Kite Boarding Spot is considered as really technical and specific. The 2 American riders Joey Pasquali and John Heineken, who train regularly in the bay, are favorites in this race.

Nevertheless if one of the two frenchy young Foil Maestro wins the San Francisco competition neither of the US riders can no longer complete 1 of the 2015 Gold Cup !

kite-foil-gold-cup-usa73 Riders on the starting line in front of the San Francisco Bridge.

During the first try runs on the competition spot, kiteboarders used wings from 6 to 7m kites and the show was be guaranteed from the first minutes !

The battle is fierce among the riders tops the rankings. The French Top five riders on the starting line with Nicolas Parlier but Axel Mazella, Romain Castel, Benjamin Petit and Alex Caizergues.

San Francisco The Yacht Club has scheduled a Cam and GPS trackers to allow people from all over the the world follow on the Gold races live.

 First day KiteFoil Gold Cup : French Young Guys Nocher & Parlier domination.

During the First competition day the US riders Heineken and Pasquali were finally not the quickest on the water of the KiteFoil Gold Cup !

The judges and journalists thought that the knowledge of this very technical spot would make a difference for local US riders …. but after less than a week in the presence of San Francisco, the “Frenchies” have succeeded mastering the local conditions !

During the Five races of the First comp Day : Nicolas Parlier (FRA / OzoneSpotz) and Maxime Nocher (MONACO / F-One) finished first in each case in their group !

Americans are Heineken and Pasquali ranked 4th and 5th and were very frustrated on the beach after the first day.

Erika Heineken (W.) rules at the overall 23rd place : she is still the undisputed leader in women competition (overall24) before Daniela Moroz (31) and Gina Hewson (53)!


KiteFoil World Cup : The French Team the 4 Mousquetaires !

During the second day 5 rounds have again been validated yesterday in the San Francisco Bay Area for the 3rd stage of the Gold Cup KiteFoil.

By winning 4 rounds of 5, the Monegasque Maxime Nocher (F-One) hit hard yesterday in the San Francisco Bay Area, for the first day of the Gold race that brings together the top 34 riders.

Other French riders temporarily in the Gold (the top 34):

Alex Caizergues who was 22th after qualifying stays in the same place while Romain Castel lost a place but remains in the top 10 (10th) and especially the 3rd U21 behind Parlier and Mazella.

The day was much harder for Benjamin Petit: after the first two rounds of 15, he broke his material and can not participate in the last three innings. He finds himself 27th !

kite-foil-gold-cup-kiteboarding TEAM-kiteboarding-kite-foil-gold-cup-san-francisco-USA

Maxime Nocher on a highway to the WIN the World Cup from San Francisco to Australia !

With 7 victories in 10 races finals in the USA California, Monaco ride Maxime Nocher (F-One) won wide test of the US KiteFoil Gold Cup in San Francisco.

Maxime continued his incredible run of podium finishes with his 27th consecutive competitive or it ends on a podium, an ongoing series since 2012. He also signs his 3rd victory in the international competition of the summer after the Italian stage of the Gold KiteFoil Cup and the World Championship race !

But the battle was bitter to the end with the French Nicolas Parlier (Ozone / Spotz) and American John Heineken (Ozone) respectively second and third in this competition !

With this disappointing third place on his lake, John Heineken will not retain his title at the final in Australia ! This place of No. 1 will be between Nocher and Parlier with a small advantage to Nocher.

Woman : The American Erika Heineken (21st) is still unrivalled. The youngest is ahead of the competition Daniela Moroz (USA) 29th and Gina Hewson (AUS) 45th.

Next KITEFOIL KITEBOARDING Gold Cup Stop : October (Final Event) in Australia.

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Wishing you Happiness, Fun, Peace, Waves, Winds and nice sessions !

Cheers from South of France.

Oliv’ & The French Kite Foiler’s

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