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Kitesurfing Wakestyle Board Andre Philip Dr DRE Vs Aaron Hadlow

Even Kiteboarding specific gear suffer … when riding kites with boots, and hitting kicker and sliders.

Kiteboarding with wakeboard bindinds requires the strongest Boards Ever. These two boards were designed by the 5x World Champion some years ago : The Aaron Hadlow Range was produced By Flexifoil from 2011 to 2013 ! I bought the Boards straing away after their availability because I was 100% into wakestyle at that moment.

2014-04-29 19.47.39Hadlow-Wakestyle-durability-2


As you can see : the first series produced werent bulletproof unfortunately … The wakestyle specific gear have improved a lot during the las years. I’ll make a review of the best boards available on the market soon.

Up to that, If you are into the wakestyle riding, you should check that the screw inserts of the board you buy are bulletproof, plus check that the connection between your boots bindings and your board is “positive” : the more contact surface between the board and the boots sole is always the best !

Finally, id you wanne go and hit kickers and sliders, check out the Slider Base “Bottom” of yout board and check that you have channels so that you are going to be able to have enough grip to go upwing while riding finless.

Here is one of my favorite Kiteboarding Wakestyle Video dating back to 2006 showing an incredebly versatile rider : Andre Philip. Watch and enjoy !!!

Back To The future in 2006 : Here are the very roots of Kiteboarding Wakestyle with Wake Boots : The Roots and the spirit of Wakestyle riding is intact in this video EDIT starring With Andre Philip Aka Doc. Dre … Great Respect to all the KITESCOOP CREW behind that !!!
Awesome  Kite Scoop footage, which brought him to make his own TONA  boards now.

Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions !

Now it’s time to go riding some board, cheers.

Wishing you good waves, winds, and nice sessions riding your favorite boards !

Olivier Railey

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