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Laid Hamilton Foil Surfing

Laird HAMILTON latest interwiew about THE new dimention of riding waves with his Hydro FOIL : Enjoy !

A foilboard or hydrofoil board is a reinforced surf-board … with a Foil ripping the water under it. This design causes the board to leave the surface of the water with enought speed.

Catching the energy of a wave, Laid HAMILTON, in 2010 has been the first Tow Waverider to experience the FOIL SURFING capabilites using the swell energy with the help of a jet ski only to pull him into the wave … then riding along by himself !

Other watermans like Mango Carafino, have designed hydrofoil for kitesurfing ever since.

” FOIL is really the most efficient surfing instrument in the world … ” (Laid HAMILTON, 2015)

Watch out these incredible images of one of the most incredible Ultimate Waterman in the world 🙂 … I have no doubt you are going to enjoy it (watch from : 1m34s) !

To truly undertand the roots of foil surfing, I advice youto read the Original Laid HAMILTON interview, in hitting the image below :laird-hamilton-surfer mag-interwiew

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