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Land Paddling : How to Stand Up Paddle and Surf Skate YOUR streets ?

Firstly, make sure you check my own article about The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?. Than : You’ll find at the bottom of that page an Original and full presentation ot Land Paddling by ont of the legends of HAWAIAN Surfing !

 What is Land Paddling ?

Originally designed in California, Land Paddling is a perfect mix between stand-up paddling (aka SUP, the recent famous Watersport), and skate longboarding. Originally designed by Kahuna Creations : the Big Stick is the main tool for any Land Paddler out there. If you want to go Land Paddling you just need a Longboard and a Big Stick.

The Stick provides three effects :

  1. Power propultion : helping you to create motion and speed !
  2. Carving stability : helping you keeping your balance during the smoothest or more radical carving sliding turns !
  3. Braking … sthe stick helps you slowing down your board … lthe slow down problem has always been the problem of any skateboarder and skate longboarder riding and cruising the streets : the Land Paddle big stick provides security to any rider and any style of riding a longboard …

Are you a beginner BOARDRIDER ?

Land Paddling stand-up paddling (SUP), skateboarding. The "Big Stick" is the main tool you need to Land Paddle your skateboardNo Worries : Land Paddling is so accessible ! I would say that you just have to look for a nice Stable and Large + Wide longboard. The original KAHUNA CREATIONS BOMBORA 59 is probably the best board you could eved dream of … may you be 9 years old or 99 years old … for advanced riders THE BOMBORA is an awesome “Longboard Dancing” weapon !

Land Paddling is the perfect mix between : the most accessibile and easy sharing friendliness water-boardsport out there : the Stand Up Paddle … and the most “plug and play” historical street surfing tool : skateboarding.

Finally : with a good choice of board, LAND PADDLING is very accessible. (again the best way to make anyone, even with no experience of boardiriding, enjoy rigind a longboard feeling great and secure)

Start Land Paddling from Kahuna Creations.

“Capturing the thrill of S.U.P. and Land Paddling you finally feel alive ” (Kahuna team rider: C. McBride)

 3 Reasons Why Anyone can Stand Up Paddling and …..  Land Paddling even easier !

This is my take on how Land Paddling helps you stand-up paddleboard. Both are killer sports that make you feel free. Whenever you step on a board, all your worries seem to melt away. Endorphins kick in as you’re getting your workout, and you experience the ultimate thrill of board riding.

  • The perfect ALL-BODY workout (including 6 pack ABS)

As always, you will work out your balance and any other skills requiret to perform in any boardsport with the smooth and everyday pleasure of riding everyday taking so much Fun and Pleasure. Riding a longboard equipped with a Kahuna Stick gives you a complete, all-body workout. You’re building your core, arms, chest, and back. You may not expect it, but you also work your legs. Whenever you ride, there is so much up-and-down, side-to-side movement that your legs are fully strengthened.

In Both SUP and LAND PADDLING there is a tremendous amount of AB WORK, since you are essentially doing a million sit-ups to propel yourself (especially if you’re in good form).  By Paddle Boarding, your ABS are forced to work harder in a downward motion on land than in the water. This downward force transfers into ripped abs. Not only does it give you more power for paddleboarding, it gives you an insane six pack.

  • Incredibly versatile Balance training both for Pros and Beginners

Almost everyone can Land Paddle without any problem.Most people are hesitant to start riding, but when they step foot on a board, we usually can’t get them off. Once people start riding, they turn, carve, and dramatically improve their balance. It helped me get my balance nailed down, which totally helped me learn to surf and paddleboard the waves.

  • Real Cross-Training Endurance

That’s where the Kahuna Stick comes in. If you’re anything like me, you can’t get to the water every day. BUT concrete isn’t hard to find. Land Paddle for a few miles as hard as you can, and watch your endurance shine. Work yourself as often as possible, and you’ll be CROSS TRAINING on a paddleboard.


  • A Super Quick Warm Up with 0% injury risk : WAT ELSE ??? 

The best warm up to go LAND PADDLING with no risk of injury at all is to begin with some warming up of your 6 main joints : ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbow and wrist …

PROS : Absolutely 100% “NEED TO TRY” … cruising boardsport as a general routine trainer sport.

PROS : So Friendly boardsport … you can both share your BOMBORA board with your 99 y.o. grandma and your 2 y.o. little daughter 

CONS : Accessibles longboards like the KAHUNA BOMBORA 59 are quite heavy and tall boards … so are the wood big sticks … not so easy to carry in the streets if you are chilling !

My advice is definitely : Yes just go for  it 🙂

This Boardsport really worth the try … Trust Me : You’ll get Addicted !

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Cheers from South of France.


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