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Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Land Paddling, Stand Up Paddling, Skateboarding, Fitness preparation and more News & articles are coming soon.
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Which is best value for money surf skate on the market ?

Depending on where are you in the world, your choice could vary because the offer is not the same around the world ! For example, If you live in Australia, you might prefer Buying a SMOOTHSTAR surf skate … and if you live in Brazil you might prefer buying a MORMAII Surfskate. Thank you for […]

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Garmin VIRB 360 and ULTRA 30 Full Review TEST in Multiple Languages

Hi Riders All Around the World, unboxing my latest Garmin Virb Action Cam : VIRB 360 and GARMIN VIRB ULTRA 30. I decided to add more youtube content so that I can improve connection between action and writing on Thats why I just published a full review on Garmin VIRB ultra 30 unboxing and […]

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In 1989 the Robert Zemeckis’ Movie : Back to the Future “was all a dream generation. An object will remain forever associated with this success cinematography : the mythical flying skateboard renamed “hoverboard”. 26 Years later Lexus luxury car division of Japanese automaker Toyota, claimed to have created a working prototype of “hoverboard” levitating board […]

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The full review of Surf Skating boards around the world !

Are you already keen on street surfing or just getting curious aout it ? Depending on where you are around the world you will have to choose one of these Surf Skates Brand’s board. I’m a dedicated rider myself, I have build for you a  list of some most progressive and innovative brands in streetsurfing […]

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Ruben Lenten was born in Noordwijk, Netherlands, in 1988. He started kiteboarding at the age of 12 and rapidly stood out in professional competitions. Lately, he shifted his focus to extreme riding and nearly impossible kite acrobatics. “Len10” is the founder of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge. Ruben Lenten, the famous PRO Kiteboarder rider : […]

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Dedicating her life to set up a SUP Word record and begin a Charity : LADY GANGA Stand Up Paddling V.S. CANCER …

Sometimes, watersports have something mystic : This story is about Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Watersports, i.e. Stand Up Paddler Michele V.S. CANCER Watersports brings us on front of Mother Nature elements … they brings us away out human nature and balance our body and mind. Sometimes, we are told stories about people that seems too […]

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Grabs in Board Riding adding : The « Grab-ology »

Both kiteboard, wakeboard, snowboard, surf and skate tricks are named in the same way … this is all about style and freestyle references in any boardsport maneuvers. I will focus in this review on the most stylish grabs common to these sports. For instance : all grabs with two hands grabbing the boards simultaneously are just […]

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Zeeko kiteboarding R&D

Zeeko Kiteboarding R&D is directed by PhD Nicolas CAILLOU himself. The last and most advanced evolutions of Zeeko kiteboarding are The ZEEKO NOTUS REV fully  tested and approved with the MAKAIRA Kite Foil : one of the first foil ever designed 100% fully powered by a kite. Zeeko Kiteboarding Roots : At the beginning of […]

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Kiteboarding Freeride Wakestyle with the UK Crew By Tom Court : From 2012 to 2016 Kiteboarding Adventures

After some several posts, I thought it was time to get into serious things. As I’m not a professional, I think it’s important to brings up here the guys that are rocking !!! The Freeride Project #1 : 2012 The firs opus of the UK Crew Adventure ! The Freeride Project #2 : 2014 The […]

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