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How to enjoy music while riding ?

This article is an addition to my Youtube video Review (posted ad the bottom of this page).

I tried to cover the different ways that we can enjoy music while riding. I insist on safety as much as I can because as well as anything in boardriding and extreme sports : being aware of the dangers is being able to control them and  play with them to get maximum adrenaline. Ride Safe and Wisely : with or without riding listening to your favorite tunes !

Is riding with headphones Safe ?

To begin with : Feel free to read the following review on that topic on A. SNOW

Being aware of any consequences is essential before considering enjoying music while riding. The essential point is simple : listening to music in the ears while riding  makes any rider less aware of his surrounding environment. It increase the collisions and accidents risks.
Then, being aware of the risks is essential if you want to enjoy the extreme pleasure of riding with your favorite tunes in the head.

The 1st advice : Know your surroundings and your spot by heart !

To be responsible and safe while loosing some external awareness is particularly possible … if the place or the spot around you is not crowded or if you are practicing an outdoor sport in a wild place with no other dangers around … feel free to enjoy your music …
 head-phones-skateboarding  head-phones-underwater

The 2nd advice : Know your SPORT and your comfort zone by heart !

As you can see even (Laid Hamilton) below … go on the water with earphones … and this legendary waterman knows his Hawaiian spots and his own limit by heart. When this guy is Stand up paddling on flat water like below … we can imagine he is not even reaching 1 % of his comfort Zone with this sport !

That guy could even go and SUP blind safely … then : it’s of for him to enjoy his music while riding !

As we can see : When the guy is riding a massive TUBE with his sup … any audio device would be ridiculous and pointless !


The 3nd advice : Use Music to stay focus on the training  !

We could really imagine a Pro rider, who has to train every day to stay at the top … using music to help him stay focus on his training as well as people use it for any FITNESS or WORKOUT Program !

head-phones-wakeboarding head-phones-waterproof-headphone

The 4th advice : Always prefer sharing your music with a Speaker !

As I concluded in my video review, I will always prefer sharing my music on my spot with my friends with my audio portable speaker as much as I can … as loud as I can … because music is an awesome way to socialisation and to get motivation … to keep on training … Besides : I can play thanks to the bluetooth system any other source … including my new friends preferred songs … and that’s always good to know.

Among plenty of Mobile audio speakers, UE BOOM and BOSE SOUNDLINK MINI are the most VERSATILE and efficient I can advice to you.

Here is the selection of the best bargain I could find for you if you want to get one of these in the US, UK and Europe : Feel free to Get the deal and share this article with your friends 🙂


Thank you for following the links and commenting on these Sound Speakers !

The 5th advice : Think twice before buying any built in Audio Device …

Some Helmets and Board-riding bags have built-in audio. For some sports like snowboarding or wakeboarding : the most critical piece of safety equipment is the helmet … what to think is manufacturers provides AUDIO back in interfaces ?
Speakers in the ear pads making it super convenient to listen to your tunes. If you’ve got music playing in your ears – it’s harder to hear what’s going on around you. That makes you less aware.Can you argue with that?If someone shouts “move”, “watch out”, “stop” or in an extreme case, maybe something like “avalanche” for snow boardders … – there’s a definite argument that you’re less likely to hear the warning, and therefore putting yourself/others at risk.
Thanks for reading, Ride SAFE 🙂
Feel free to share your opinion about this article and Drop a comment … 🙂
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