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From Riding Hard to Playing hard

I live and ride in South of France. If you want to know anything about the spots in France. Spots in south of france : please just feel free to contact me.

Again, at the moment I practise some phisical training program, with Carver Skateboard, Longboarding, Land Paddling, Stand up Paddle (aka S.U.P), Kiteboarding and Wakeboarding. As Soon as I’m happy with this website, I hope I’ll have more time to produce more videos and mixes.


My actual AM Athlete and DJ pages are hosted there  :

Well for me this website is just about a love story between me, Music, and  board sports for more than  20 years now  …  Also to share a positive message with you : PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT LIFE IS FUN : AND ENJOY !!!

This website is a way to make a whole revolution about living my passions.

Olivier-Railey-hadlow-kiteboard-board-freestyleOn my Youtube page, you can see that I used to DJing a lot some years ago … before spending 99% of my free time on the spots I used to perform as a DJ weekly … Music and Nightlife used to be quite important. Anyway, sometimes, there is long stories between Sports and PIONEER CDJ 1000.

Now, I spend more time going to ride than what I used to spend burning my CD’s and preparing my mixes on my home Pioneer Pro Dj setup.

I’m really happy with it, but that’s true, when something into  my life prevent me from going riding for some times, I miss my boards as much as I used to miss my DJ DECKS and MIXING table.

I hope to see you on the Water !!!


Thank you for reading : latest news on … Feel Free to Comment, Share and Like this article on my page oliv.railey !

Wishing you Happiness, Fun, Peace, Waves, Winds and nice sessions !

Cheers from South of France.



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