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 SUP “is” Fitness, by itself, then … ROXY just LAUNCHED AN AWESOME event TOUR around the world !

Run, Sup & Yoga … our French Team Mate Awesome Wonder Woman Girls have done Exciting and Exercising invitation : Participating to the MARSEILLE SOSH FREESTYLE CUP : #RUNSUPYOGASUP … one of the stop in South Of France Mediterranean coast, close to the French

Adventure, Challenge, getting miles away the conscious limits : For the #RUNSUPYOGA Girls : The Sky is the Limit : What an amazing Event !!!

For those amazing #RUNSUPYOGA Girls that day in Marseille : The FINISH line Was only the BEGINNING !
tand Up Paddle Yoga has been invented in Hawaii by yogis surfers who had the idea to practice the yoga on their SUP board. At the same time, the popularity of  stand-up paddling board was growing. Because of their wider and more stable board (in comparison of a classic surfboard) it was also more accessible !

 Do you already know how to Run : OK than it’s time to SUP, YOGA and RACE SUP  !!!

With a stand up paddle, you can experience and enjoy the awesomefeeling of “surfing” a board … when and where you want :  Regardless of any surf forecast, even if your spot is perfectly Flat !!!

Close to Montpelier City in south of France : the Pink Pack Girl Crew were preparing their Summer Session … the next weekend after …

#RUNSUPYOGA : Girls just wanna have FUN !

 The girls Mel (PINK PACK) and Nana (MY PONCHO), decided to go and participate to the craziness of this awesome and incredible hot INVITATIONAL event imagined by Roxy this year.

sexy-GIRL-roxy-beach-bikini-yoga-pink-pack-french-france The famous #RUNSUPYOGA. Previous Barcelona and Oahu editions have just occurred.

The ROXY GIRLY EVENT occured during the last Sunday : while finals day of the Sosh Freestyle Cup were rushing the Famous PRADO BOWL and that the SUMMER 2015 was really beginning hitting Mediterranean seacoast !

Arrival in Marseille the day before to enjoy the story buddies out there and have fun, Nana and Mel joined the keep-a-breast European Team to applaud the latest BMX « flat » Runs of one of the best riders in the world.

Just one month after The Montpellier 2015 FISE event : the 10 best BMX riders in the world were here, invited by Mathias Dandois. The atmosphere was huge and Hot thanks to the riders and to the speaker who knows how to ignite a crowd !

During the evening and the night all the public and Riders Joined the Best Marseille PRADO Bars on the dance floor at het Sosh Official Party pub.

Fortunately, the French Girls had a place to sleep very close to the morning Roxy event … Sometimes it’s awesome to have Friends like the French Starboard Team … and to be able to get some sleep in their VIP Van, ready to rock the line in the morning !

The goal of SUP Yoga is simple : to find its symmetry and its balance to be able to chain the postures.

YOGA  + SUP : a perfect combination !

This full and permanent body workout is far more intense and deep than during a classic yoga session.These are some reasons why you should try stand up paddle yoga :

  • It is an awesome re-balancing physical exercise
  • SUP YOGA will help you to focus on your breath
  • SUP makes a different approach to yoga.SUP-YOGA-babe

Thank you for reading : latest news on … Feel Free to Comment, Share and Like this article on my page oliv.railey !

Wishing you Happiness, Fun, Peace, Waves, Winds and nice sessions !

Cheers from South of France.

Oliv’ & The Pinck Pack Girls

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