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Ruben Lenten was born in Noordwijk, Netherlands, in 1988. He started kiteboarding at the age of 12 and rapidly stood out in professional competitions. Lately, he shifted his focus to extreme riding and nearly impossible kite acrobatics. “Len10” is the founder of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge.

Ruben Lenten, the famous PRO Kiteboarder rider : creator of the  Red Bull King of the Air Kiteloop Competition, has announced on its website and social networks, being affected by cancer.

RUBEN LENTEN CANCER TREATMENT  begins un September 2015 in th USA

According to initial medical examinations, a cancerous tumor type 9cm lymphoma was detected. We do not know if this is more than Dutch rider announces that its treatment will start soon and he is 100% certain to do everything and to fight to get back on the water quickly.

ruben-lenten-fight-cancerRuben will seek treatment in the US but where, there is no social security. Having released his illness, Ruben calls for donations and the generosity of the kiting community to cover the costs of his treatment. The community  Mai Tai made the appeal for donations Ruben relays.

Started in Augunst the MaiTai RUBEN LENTEN CANCER fundraiser is helping him to pay for his battle against cancer : the result more than 100,000$ in 3 weeks

WOW!!! What a ride this has been so far… thanks for all the love and support we are receiving! It’s overwhelming!!!

Like I said in the first place, I will see this as a gift as it’s obviously time to work on myself. In the end I do believe that any disease, disorder or discomfort is about our guiding system telling us that we’re not 100% aligned with who we really are.

Everyone has their own fair share of struggles and it takes a whole lot to take a deep look into oneself.

Whilst living the dream and keeping busy with lots of activities and projects I have drifted away from my core identity and am very happy I now get to work on that.

Regarding the medical side of things, last Wednesday they did a biopsy surgery above my chest in my lower throat. Thursday and Friday I was in a lot of pain, from the surgery and from the tumor growing and pressing on a few vessels and nerves causing headaches and pains. They started injecting me with steroids that shrank the tumor and now a pain-free weekend has been nice.

Waiting for the big day tomorrow when we go to sperm bank, hopefully get the final biopsy results, get a 2nd opinion and then find the best treatment and recovery plan in order to get back on my kiteboard as soon as possible again.

I’m very positive and ready to win this battle! It’s going to be a rough road ahead and this is only the beginning. There will be a lot of costs related to this adventure, so I kindly ask for your continued support on my way to ultimate health and happiness.

Here to be free… through love and joy!



ruben-lenten-kiteboarder-cancerOf course we are all heart with him in this fight begins as we also believe all other people affected by this disease. The fight is long, difficult and painful but medicine made tremendous progress and all the hopes are allowed!

Courage Ruben, you’re used to navigate the difficult weather conditions and there is a perfect storm approaching. You’ll be overpowered but you’ll still like you out with your famous kiteloops!

In September 2015, on RUBEN LENTEN CANCER fundraiser campain Ruben explained the CANCER THERAPY has begun.

“It took a while for the specialists to figure out what type of Lymphoma we’re dealing with.

The word is out and it’s a Type 2B Mediastinal Grey Zone Lymphoma. Grey Zone because the tumor has signs of Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is pretty rare. As a healthy guy and athlete, chemotherapy definitely sounds like the worst thing you can put in your body and there was no way I wanted to do that. As soon as I got diagnosed the search began for the most healthy and natural way to kick these malignant cells out of my body. Unfortunately with this seldom type of Lymphoma there is no time to take any risk, even though I still believe I would survive being treated the alternative holistic way of healing with natural medicine, combined with the healing, meditation and yoga exercises.

Then again everything happens for a reason and it isn’t for nothing I ended up at Stanford with some of the best specialists around. Yesterday they gave me the rundown on the therapy treatment. The therapy is called REPOCH. It’s a cycle of five different drugs running through me for five days straight. Then I will be in recovery for two weeks (out of hospital) and then again chemo, for six cycles in total (hopefully, if not less!).

I will probably lose my hair, which is obviously the least of my worries, but I just want to pull through the healthiest way possible. That’s why I eat and supplement event healthier than before and can’t wait to get out of the hospital to get some proper rest and find my comfort zone for this mission. I likely fly home in the following week if all is stable.

Flying high and looping the shit out of it !!! YES PLEASE… bring on that storm !!! I can’t wait to feel the wind, taste the cold salty water, get up to full speed and launch myself into the air as high as possible … FREEEEE!!!!

It is in my nature to always share and give… asking for support feels weird, but I know it is essential for me to take care of myself in the best way possible. Being in the right place, surrounding myself with the right people and having the best quality care, treatment and nutrition is what will make me stronger than ever before.

Feeling very grateful to be in a position with so much caring, sharing, loving and healing all over.

Hope you are getting back with us on the water soon and beat your Fight against CANCER RUBEN : your lifetime legacy is already the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge !

Thank you for reading : latest news on … Feel Free to Comment, Share and Like this article on my page oliv.railey !

Wishing you Happiness, Fun, Peace, Waves, Winds and nice sessions !

Cheers from South of France.


Here is the Original Ruben Lenten Message posted on Ruben Lenten Social network !

“Dear brothers and sisters from all around the world,

I have some really weird news to share with you. I actually still can’t believe it myself.

I have cancer.

I can’t tell you what it feels like to say that…

For the past couple of months Nikki (my fiancé) and I were prepping for a great adventure together. Our intentions were to hang out in San Francisco, LA and BURNINGMAN to spend some time with old and new friends and get inspired by them and all of our adventures together.

We would never have thought that our adventure would be heading in a whole different direction now.

Two days later, still not feeling right, we flew out to San Francisco to start our great adventure together.

‘ Sir we’ve got some bad news. You’ve got a mass of about 9x9cm by the heart. You need to see an oncologist as soon as possible since it’s in a very sensitive area.’

After the first shock we immediately contacted my amazing friends and after a few phone calls I was on my way to Stanford Hospital, where they have some of the best doctors and know-how in the world to treat this disease.

As always I feel super positive and am 100% sure I’m going to get through this thing! It’s just a little bump in the road and I will be back on the water before you know it, stronger than ever before! It’s a big rollercoaster ride and I’m ready for it!

It makes us feel super strong to cure this the best and healthiest way possible.

My lovely friends of the MaiTai community kicked of a very kind fundraiser and I feel very weird about it but am very aware I will need you at this moment in time in order to get back to where I want to be. If you feel like you can support in any way, please help a brother out so that we can ride, fly, meet, hang, party and love life with all of you again as soon as possible.

Here is a link to the page and please know that your support will go a long way:

MASSIVE shout out and EVEN BIGGER HUGS to everyone involved, thanks for caring and helping so much in these difficult times. Much appreciated!

Much much love!


Ruben & Nikki”

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