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Category Archives for "Fit & Ride = Sport Training, Fitness For Extreme Sports"

This space is dedicated to share what I know about training for action sports with everyone ! I will post more reviexw, methods and focus on How to train good to be able to avoid injuries in extreme sports. Manly the ones I know the best : Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Land Paddling, Stand Up Paddling and Skateboarding.

Land Paddling : How to Stand Up Paddle and Surf Skate YOUR streets ?

Thank you for reading the latest boardriding news on RIDESUPBOARDS … Feel Free to Comment, Share and Like my last Land Paddling YouTube Video. Firstly, make sure you check my own article about The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?. Than : You’ll find at the bottom […]

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 SUP “is” Fitness, by itself, then … ROXY just LAUNCHED AN AWESOME event TOUR around the world ! Run, Sup & Yoga … our French Team Mate Awesome Wonder Woman Girls have done Exciting and Exercising invitation : Participating to the MARSEILLE SOSH FREESTYLE CUP : #RUNSUPYOGASUP … one of the stop in South Of […]

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KiteBoarding = How To Learn and Enjoy KiteBoarding KiteSurfing ?

Become a RidesUpBoards : CROSS RIDING Activist here are the 4 Main pillars of RidesUpBoars project 1) BALANCE HEALTHY NUTRITION = What are the Best Natural PROTEIN SOURCES ? 2) TRAINING = How to Train Hard to Prevent and RECOVER From INJURIES ? 3) HEALTHY LIFESTYLE = How to keep on sharing Perfect Riding session. […]

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Compare and Choose your Surf-Skate depending on your Rider Weight & Height : !

In this review, we want to advise you on what is our experience of the needs of each of the models Carver Skateboards, you have to consider when purchasing one. Thank you for reading the latest news on RIDESUPBOARDS ! Feel Free to Comment, Share and Like this article and my last SurfSkating YouTube Video […]

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San Francisco Kite Foil Gold Cup BATTLE : French V.S. US Riders in California !

The 3rd stop of the IKA KITEBOARDING KiteFoil 2015 Gold Cup was organised under the famous San Francisco Bridge kiteboarding spot ! The San Francisco Bridge Bay kiteboarding spot  is more and more known around the world thanks to a lot of recents photoshooting and videos. This event highlight the AC72 the America’s Cup competition : […]

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HB surfkite : Hervé Bouré strapless coach !

Some of the most iconic professional kiteboarder’s in the world are French, among them : Herve Bouré ! HB-surfkite is born under the leadership of Hervé Bouré. Hervé, is a pioneer and two times wave world champion (back to the Times of KPWT and Wave-Masters competition). From the late 2007 he already wanted to put […]

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Zeeko Kites : How to Foil Kiteboarding ?

ZEEKO Kiteboarding Boss Himself demonstrating How to Kite Hydro-Foil on his Makaira : Enjoy ! French developpers like Nicolas CAUILLOU have recently developped the first « stock » Foils, available in the world designed specifically for kiteboarding. UPWIND and CRUIZING ABILITIES OF KITE FOILS ARE TREMENDOUS !!! The Foil eliminates the effects of choppy or rough conditions. […]

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Kitesurfing Wakestyle Board Andre Philip Dr DRE Vs Aaron Hadlow

Even Kiteboarding specific gear suffer … when riding kites with boots, and hitting kicker and sliders. Kiteboarding with wakeboard bindinds requires the strongest Boards Ever. These two boards were designed by the 5x World Champion some years ago : The Aaron Hadlow Range was produced By Flexifoil from 2011 to 2013 ! I bought the […]

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Olivier Railey # Back to the roots of Kiteboarding to Recovery

I recently had an injury and I just decided to go back to the basics of kiteboarding with footstraps (instead of wake bindings) and launch some nice Kite Loops to accelerate my recover ! As a recovery exercices from a recent injury, I decided to regain my physical strength and Power by getting back to […]

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The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?

On the one hand, we find the fluid movements of surfing with their particular tempo and surfing motion movements, and secondly, the great advantage of being able to practice in any urban space and any day of the year : 365 days of Surfing  every year ! Surf-skating or Street Surfing is the fusion of the […]

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Which Carver Surf Board matches your Rider’s profile ?

The first time that you’ve heard something about Surf Skates, you‘ve probably thought  :  “ok then … yes … just another random hybrid skateboard … between a cruiser and a longboard“. At that moment one of your CARVER addict mate let you ride his surf skate or showed you the latest video of the Carver […]

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