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What is SUP Yoga ?

 SUP “is” Fitness, by itself, then what is SUP YOGA ?

Stand Up Paddle Yoga has been invented in Hawaii by yogis surfers who had the idea to practise the yoga on their SUP board. At the same time, the popularity of  stand-up paddling board was growing. Because of their wider and more stable board (in comparison of a classic surfboard) it was also more accessible !

With a stand up paddle, you can experience and enjoy the awesome feeling of “surfing” a board … when and where you want :  Regardless of any surf forecast, even if your spot is perfectly Flat !!!

The goal of SUP Yoga is simple : to find its symmetry and its balance to be able to chain the postures.

Sup Yoga reconnect body and mind, arouses profound well-being and interior peace by feeling connected with mother nature and floating on water : a pure magic moment !

SUP-YOGA YOGA  + SUP : a perfect combination !

The main difference with a classic YOGA lesson, is that you can experience a new sensation of balance on a SUP board, floating on the sea or on the ocean. It requires abilities like concentration, muscular strengths and symmetry.

This full and permanent body workout is far more intense and deep than during a classic yoga session. Due to this extra muscular effort : It is highly recommended to warm up on the beach before standing on a SUP board to try and enjoy your favorite YOGA exercises on the water.

Standing on the sea, you will make you forget all the life stress while the seacoast fresh breeze will help you to get towards internal peace and serenity.

These are some reasons why you should try stand up paddle yoga :

  • It is an awesome re-balancing physical exercise:

As the platform is unstable, you have to be more attentive and careful on your balance … such a challenging exercise !

  • SUP YOGA will help you to focus on your breath:

“Ujjayi Pranayama” or the “breath of the ocean”, is a famous method used by yogis about feeling the breath through your body. This idea is the key of yoga exercises.

Tis intimate sound of the ocean is known to calm the spirit. Indeed, searches were made and it was found the the “sound of the ocean” helps people to relax as well as the clicking of the paddle board on the water.

  • SUP makes a different approach to yoga:SUP-YOGA-babe

There are differents types of yoga but it’s important to change your style to remain motivated. Sup yoga is an very original and fresh sport that can really create a new paradigm.

A new dimension of deep and relax meditations, new thrills, and a new way to think and to see the life.

Furthermore, It learns you how to get up on an instable board without falling.

If you fall you will have to try to stnd up one again, and this, as long as necessary.  The most important is not to give up : this is one of the most important life’s lesson, I mean not giving up and going back up on the board to raise immediately.

” The fastest you will accustom to let go and accept to fall in the water … before getting back on the board : the better you will enjoy your session. “

Moreover, Yyga ” means “union”: a professor of Stand up paddle yoga declared ” Practising Yoga Outdoor brings natural energies and always better enjoying the yoga session, the practice is ideal. ”

With a good choice of board, SUP YOGA is very accessible. The best introduction to SUP YOGA is to begin with some streching during the pause of a your casual all around touring sessions.

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Cheers from South of France.

Olivier & Myriam

PS To finish with : This is a NICE and FUN presentation of SUP Workout :

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