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The full review of Surf Skating boards around the world !

Are you already keen on street surfing or just getting curious aout it ?

Depending on where you are around the world you will have to choose one of these Surf Skates Brand’s board. I’m a dedicated rider myself, I have build for you a  list of some most progressive and innovative brands in streetsurfing around the world. They all have different technical solution and shapes : the diversity of products is awesome !!!

What’s the point about it ? All those brands are working everywhere for keeping spreading surf skating all around the world : that’s what I fully respect about all of them.

I’d be so insanely motivated about bringing all these CARVER and SURF SKATES boards to a same spot, at the same time, to organise a full comparative review !

Waiting for that Epic Moment ot come : Check out the Surf Skates companies down there  !


It was ^reviously produced on the name “Surf It” by Mormaii !


 Surfkate born in Australia & New Zealand : Smooth Star Surf Skate :


The USA V-Truck Surf SKATE.


The 3 Wheels Ripper Surf Skate:


The USA Slides surf skate :


The Lost Surf Skates : (not produced anymore)

Finaly, if you’re a spanish speaker : check out this awesome SURFSKATING.COM website edited in spain ... this is a real CARVER skateboards anthology source of info : watch and enjoy !

Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards.

Olivier Railey

PS : it’s always awesome to receive  feedback and comment from anywhere in the world … thank you to all my readers : stay tuned !

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