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Ruben Lenten was born in Noordwijk, Netherlands, in 1988. He started kiteboarding at the age of 12 and rapidly stood out in professional competitions. Lately, he shifted his focus to extreme riding and nearly impossible kite acrobatics. “Len10” is the founder of the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge. Ruben Lenten, the famous PRO Kiteboarder rider : […]

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Dedicating her life to set up a SUP Word record and begin a Charity : LADY GANGA Stand Up Paddling V.S. CANCER …

Sometimes, watersports have something mystic : This story is about Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Watersports, i.e. Stand Up Paddler Michele V.S. CANCER Watersports brings us on front of Mother Nature elements … they brings us away out human nature and balance our body and mind. Sometimes, we are told stories about people that seems too […]

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