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Land Paddling : How to Stand Up Paddle and Surf Skate YOUR streets ?

Firstly, make sure you check my own article about The Carver Skates solution : How to keep on training by surfing the streets ?. Than : You’ll find at the bottom of that page an Original and full presentation ot Land Paddling by ont of the legends of HAWAIAN Surfing !  What is Land […]

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 SUP “is” Fitness, by itself, then … ROXY just LAUNCHED AN AWESOME event TOUR around the world ! Run, Sup & Yoga … our French Team Mate Awesome Wonder Woman Girls have done Exciting and Exercising invitation : Participating to the MARSEILLE SOSH FREESTYLE CUP : #RUNSUPYOGASUP … one of the stop in South Of […]

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Dedicating her life to set up a SUP Word record and begin a Charity : LADY GANGA Stand Up Paddling V.S. CANCER …

Sometimes, watersports have something mystic : This story is about Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Watersports, i.e. Stand Up Paddler Michele V.S. CANCER Watersports brings us on front of Mother Nature elements … they brings us away out human nature and balance our body and mind. Sometimes, we are told stories about people that seems too […]

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