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HB surfkite : Hervé Bouré strapless coach !

  • Some of the most iconic professional kiteboarder’s in the world are French, among them : Herve Bouré !

HB-surfkite is born under the leadership of Hervé Bouré. Hervé, is a pioneer and two times wave world champion (back to the Times of KPWT and Wave-Masters competition).

From the late 2007 he already wanted to put all his experience in waveriding. Creating the Strapless Society in 2011, he converted rinding a surfboard with a kite into pure Strapless !

Reinventing the idea of ultimate kiteboarding freedom, adding performance, power and style. I already had the chance to meet Hervé in his playground in Mediterranean Secret spots … and just go riding with HB … the personality of this rider is just amazing !

  • But seeing  the boss in action … HB-Surfkite was just created by a real strapless machine !

Staring at HB in action, looks just like seing Jesus walking on the waters of Nazareth :

  • “Dude, he is not even ripping on the water or Surfing : his style is so agressive and so fluid at the same time … it seems to us that he is riding a Foil and a Twin Tip at the same time !!!”

Having the opportunity to take lessons from : Hervé Bouré the master himself is just …. pfffff : Watch and Enjoy !

As a Bonus Record dedicated to the boss of HB surfkite … here is an Awesome Edit in Brazil in 2007 :

 And here is the 2006 TAKOON Team video dating back to the old TAKOON NOVA … the kite that definitely Hooked me up into Kiteboarding !

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Wishing you Happiness, Fun, Peace, Waves, Winds and nice sessions !

Cheers from South of France.


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