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Weight & Height : chose your CARVER Surf-Skate !

How to choose a Carver Skateboards considering the rider’s height and weight ?

In this review, we want to advise you on what is our experience of the needs of each of the models Carver Skateboards, you have to consider when purchasing one.

  • The CARVER Skateboards for Young Guns : Rookies Surfers (up to 15 y.0.)

For the little ones, who have not yet developed enough to drag the grip of Carver Skateboards C7 axis models with muscles, we recommend the model Tye Stick 25 CX shafts and axles will Kerrzy Snapper with C7.

The Tye Stick surfskates and Snapper are ideal for you to discover the techniques of surfing in a safe and affordable environment for children.

  • The CARVERS boards for Girls (between 1.55m and 1.80m more than 75 kg):

They need a lot of control and stability (unless they are already skateboarders). It is also the most common category in our country so possibly your choice passes through one of these models.

  1. Venice Pintail 36 “// The most forgiving and easy to ride board … plus and play for girls who want to avoir crashes on concrete ground. The boad is Thin, perfect for girl’s feets.
  2. Flying Manta 31.5 “// behavior very similar to Resin USA, but with a more modern design fluorine and more forgiving shape.
  3. FireFly 30 “// The exact same shape to Resin 31 and Damonsta only recommended for experienced and powerful Girls (the most aggressive board for girls out there !)
  •  CARVERS for lightweight Surfers (less than 1.70 m and 70 kg) :

For a user who has a quick and fast when surfing style, his is to train with a pattern of small, more and less nervous wheelbase. The likely reason is that your table is short and narrow, reduced volume the versatility of movement. Carver models that most closely resemble this profile include:

  1.  Simons Mini 27.5 “// greater frontal surface (heavier Riders)
  2.  Kerzzy Snapper 28 “// greater amplitude and concavity (Riders lower level Surf)
  3.  Swallow 29 “// longer wheelbase and stability (Riders medium-high)
  •  Agressive Medium weight Surfers (1.70m to 1.80m with up to 80 kg) :

For users with more physique requires more power in their maneuvers Surf, Carver Skateboards features a variety of models, in which the biggest difference, through the structural design. Our recommendation is between 30 “and 31” with a wheelbase about 16-17 “.

  1. Booster 30 “Highly Recommended // The TOP of the class, with high manoeuvring Nose front pressure.
  2.  Resin 31 “Classic // best quality / price ratio, exact same shape to Damonsta.”
  3.  Fort Knox 31 “// Mayor contour and stability, ideal for powerful surfers.”
  4.  Kerrlarge 31.75 “Base // broader, more length and stability than the Damonsta and Resin 31 series.
  •  Heavy and Powerful Surfers of more than 1.75 and more than 75 kg.

This category is for surfers who are comfortable with a table of more than 6 “. Therefore, they need a lot of power to maneuver and control the body’s movements forced to convey the flow to the table more volume and strength. It is also the most common category in our country so possibly your choice passes through one of these models.

  1. Resin USA 32’5 “// SS-WB Recommended # with a 18” and a rebound in Nosel is ideal for surfers of more than 1.80 m / 80 kg.
  2.  Flying Manta 31.5 “// behavior very similar to Resin USA, but with a more modern design fluorine.
  3. GreenRoom 34″// behavior very similar to Flying Manta, but even quicker and more stable.

Conclusion : How to  chose the right CARVER Surf-Skate Board depending on your Weight & Weight Rider’s Profile ?

It should be noted, and this is very important, that the specifications I have given are of a general nature and always taking into account the dimensions and weights of the riders, for the choice of a suitable model.

Finally, I would recommend Carver Skateboard GreenRoom 34 that works for every powerful rider with a shortboard style.

And I would recommend the smooth and forgiving CARVER LOLA (or VENICE PINTAIL 36) for any Girl or Guy who just want a super intuitive, “plug and play”, quick, versatile and friendly board.

These two boards with a shape more compact than any longboard out there … will deliver far more manoeuvrability and surfing-like motion sensations than any Stock longboard out there !

Wishing you good waves, winds and nice sessions riding your favorite boards.

PS : it’s always awesome to receive  feedback and comment from anywhere in the world … thank you to all my readers : stay tuned !

Olivier Railey

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