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Zeeko Kites : The Notus Rev

Since the birth of Zeeko kiteboarding, innovations have always been essentials. In 2015, Zeeko annonces the release of it’s last kite … the ZEEKO NOTUS REV : revolution is in the air … but for the happy ones who gladly know Zeeko Kites for some times … this is not the firs revolution !

The Zeeko Notus REV 2015 has been fully  tested and approved with the MAKAIRA Kite Foil : one of the first foil ever designed 100% fully powered by a kite !

The Zeeko Notus range is the iconic Freeride & Wave crossover kite, which is now at the state of art of its 6th edition. It has always been famous for its legendary smooth power. It’s so easy to manage in the strongest and gustiest winds because it has always been developed in one of the gustiest wind in the world, namely: Mistral and Tramontane.

Besides all the Notus little surfaces, the biggest (14, 17, 21 XLW Series) had been the first easy to relaunch kites in no more than 5 knots thanks to the E.R.A. system. This system is available on all Zeeko kites, since 2009.

Born in 2010, the Zeeko Krush kites has been one of the first “Freestyle C-shape + SLE + No pulleys bridles + 4 lines” kite, available on the market : a true revolution. After having written its letters of glory with the success of the Notus and Krush kites Range. Zeeko has kiteboarding into a new era again in 2013.

In the 2014-2015 range : Zeeko kiteboarding put fully engineered ultimate Freeride & Racing weapon kite available to anyone. That new revolution has a name : PURSUIT ! This kite is a revelation for the kiteboarders interested in the highest performance for enjoying long floating jumps and supreme upwind drive.

In 2015, Zeeko annonces the release of it’s last kite … the ZEEKO NOTUS REV : revolution is in the air : Stay Tuned !

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