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Zeeko kiteboarding R&D

Zeeko Kiteboarding R&D is directed by PhD Nicolas CAILLOU himself.

The last and most advanced evolutions of Zeeko kiteboarding are The ZEEKO NOTUS REV fully  tested and approved with the MAKAIRA Kite Foil : one of the first foil ever designed 100% fully powered by a kite.

At the beginning of its history, Zeeko was one of the first brands to bring original the idea of reducing the distance between the customers, the riders and the kiteboarding developer. This positioning both made the gear more affordable for the kiteboarders, and allowed Nicolas to stay connected to the real needs and feedbacks of its riders and customers.

His goal has always been to understand better the kiteboarders very needs to be sure to fulfil it by developing the new products. The mission of Zeeko kiteboarding is to offer to you the most efficient and reliable products. In short: the gear that makes you smile and enjoy any of your session, in any conditions. This is why the company keeps on researching and developing a range of Kiteboarding Gear that can match any conditions out there, and any vision of kiteboarders.



Nicolas chose to establish the R&D centre in Montpellier area, in south of France. The Mediterranean coast between Marseilles and Leucate provides the ideal playground of spots with a multitude of wind conditions. During the whole year, this region is immersed in sunshine and swept by opposing winds: both sea south breezes, Mistral and Tramontane gusty north winds.

A place like that offers various and ideal conditions, all year long, helping us to design and test the extreme limits of Zeeko prototypes. All new prototypes developed by Nicolas is tested and approved by the team riders during testing sessions, all years long. After almost 10 years of developing kiteboarding gear, Nicolas’s passion is intact, that’s why Zeeko Kiteboarding is now recognized as one of the most innovative kiteboarding company by any riders who already had a session powered by Zeeko kiteboarding.

For Nicolas: “Kiteboarding is all about experiencing and feeling the passion. By creating Zeeko, my ultimate goal was to develop the full potential of this sport and makes it reach a new dimension, high standards of accessibility and technology available to any rider”.

In 2015, Zeeko annonces the release of it’s last kite … the ZEEKO NOTUS REV : revolution is in the air : Stay Tuned !

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Now it’s time to go riding some board, cheers from South of France.

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