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Zeeko Kiteboarding History

The history :

Zeeko kiteboarding is a dynamic kiteboarding company based in South of France. Since 2008 Zeeko kiteboarding keep on developing its kiteboarding gear range following its own very spirit: All Styles No compromise.

In 2014, Zeeko provides a full range of kiteboarding gear ready to fulfil any rider’s expectations, in any condition. Ever since the beginning, this unique “Zeeko feeling” has been the essence of our products: an incredible mix between accessibility, performance and intuitivity.

This original vision of kiteboarding is due to the personality of its creator : Nicolas CAILLOU. Nicolas began kiteboarding in 1998. In the years 2000, at the beginning of the sport in both Hawaii and France, Nicolas worked for international brands as a designer and a developer. After having acquired a large experience in kite designs and kiteboarding industry, Nicolas founded Zeeko kiteboarding in 2008.

Based in France ever since, in the region of Montpellier, the company is located in the European cradle of kiteboarding. Nicolas is the director of both R&D and Marketing himself. Driven by passion, he is a rider and a competitor. He has learnt how to keep on developing the highest performance and accessible kiteboarding gear.



Zeeko Kiteboarding Product engeneer and Creator : Nicolas CAILLOU

As a competitor himself, Nicolas knows and understands instantly the feedbacks of its riders and customers. Nicolas is one of the only kite designer able to push by himself the limits of the gear he designs, in competition and in all the French spots on the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

If you come to ride along our local spots between the Almanarre Beach and Leucate, you are going to see the Zeeko Team riding around at home, constantly working on innovative prototypes to push the limits of its performance. We do our job with passion. We are always open to discuss with you how to make all Zeeko riders : Boys and Girls enjoy the improvements on the next generation of products.

If you ride far away from France, always feel free to participate to a discussion and share your feedback and ideas on the Zeeko kiteboarding community forum.

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Now it’s time to go riding some board, cheers from South of France.

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